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Your Online Reputation Matters And You Need To Protect It

The Revolution has begun, and there is no turning back.  Social Media websites continue to empower consumers to be true advocates or your worse nemesis.  Consumers now have the global reach to affect the perception of your business in the eye of your prospective customers. 

The numbers are staggering. Recent studies confirm that over 60% of online shoppers and travel planners visit and seriously consider peer-written reviews prior to making their online purchase.  In travel, 41% of US online leisure travelers use some form of social media tool in their travel research efforts.  But with millions of Social Media websites, Blogs, PodCasts, News Sites, Video Sites, and more, how can you effectively manage this on your own?  The answer is clear: You can't and that's why there is Chatter Guard.

Chatter GuardTM uses a mix of proprietary filtering technologies and human processes to monitor what people are saying about your brand 24/7.  Our technology trawls the web to collect posted comments about your business so you can stay informed about the buzz before it gets out of control.  And, unlike other services that only alert you when someone makes an online comment about your brand, our service provides timely responses back to the original posting – providing a true Social Media Monitoring and Online Reputation Management service.   

Chatter Guard’s online dashboard provides a visual of your month-to-date and annual Quality Score Index, for quick benchmarking.  The Chatter Guard automated reports conveniently deliver monthly Quality Score Benchmark reports directly into your mailbox.

Don't Let This Happen To Your Hotel or Restaurant

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Be proactive and make Social Media your best marketing media by capitalizing on the positive reviews and being responsive to the negative comments. Let Chatter Guard keep you informed and proactively manage your online reputation on millions of Social Media web site. Sign up today!


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